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We only have a few ladies. Is a sanitary disposal unit necessary? TerraCyclic encourages safe disposal whether you have one female or females in the. Eco-Friendly, Sealable, Travel-Friendly Sanitary Disposal Bags from Fab little Bag. Sustainable sanitary disposal bags. Made from 60% sugarcane. The term 'sanitary waste disposal' primarily refers to the disposal of feminine hygiene products, used to absorb menstrual flow.

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The TerraCyclic Bio Bin is a sanitary waste disposal system. Its unique cartridge means no cleaning, less waste, saving costs and reducing energy use. A sanitary waste bin and disposal system for the convenient and hygienic disposal of waste products. A waste bin comprises a container for storing the waste. You may be breaking the law if you don't provide a sanitary waste disposal bin. Feminine Hygiene bins (Sanitary Bins) offer a legally compliant way of disposing.

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We are now offering a 'residential version' of our unique Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit, White Disposable Sanitary Waste Cartridges (6-Pack). $ NZD. The most hygienic solution to help prevent the spread of harmful germ is to use auto no touch sanitary bins. We also have sanitary napkin disposable bins at. The Disbin 6 litre sanitary unit is an environmentally friendly, disposable waste system for sanitary product waste, sticking plasters and bandages, baby wipes.