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Fundraising Ideas For Your Basketball Tournament: · Food & Beverage Sales - This should be an obvious addition. · A Raffle - This is the fundraising idea that. Our donkeys are very talented-they play 3 Donkey Sports! Depending on the time of year, we play either Donkey Basketball, Donkey Baseball or run “Celebrity”. Let Fundraising U help with your next girl's basketball fundraiser. Ask about our % more than last year guarantee!

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Women's basketball fundraising The American International College women's basketball team plans to travel south to Puerto Rico to play in a holiday tournament. Run your Basketball Fundraiser through Fun Pasta Fundraising and earn up to 50% of profits. See how. What better way for a basketball team to meet its fundraising goals than with a Java Joes Fundraising basketball fundraiser? Java Joes Coffee Fundraising.

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The basketball fundraiser is relatively inexpensive to setup and offers several additional ways to make money. You'll need a few basketballs, tables, portable. The first challenge of fundraising is to come up with an event or idea.. See more ideas about basketball fundraiser, fundraising, basketball. Buy for Our Team Basketball Fundraising Scratch Off Cards - (20 Cards per Pack) - Raise $ You Keep All The Profit!: Event & Party Supplies - www.bobkot.ru